Concert Series

Concert Series


Sunday September 12, 2015, 3pm
All-Beethoven program: Sonatas & Variations
Julian Lampert, piano

Sunday August 8, 7pm
Evening of Chamber Music:
Boris Shpitalnik, clarinet
Julian Lampert, piano

Saturday June 14, 7pm
Classical & Jazz, Back to Back:
Jerry Bruno, bass
Julian Lampert, piano

Sunday April 11, 3pm
Music & Theatre
Art Daudelin, actor/speaker
Julian Lampert, piano

Sunday March 7, 3pm
Music & Medicine; lecture
Dr. Stanley Taub, MD—NYU

Sunday January 3, 3pm
New Years' Opening Concert
Mikhail Kopelman, violin
Bernard Tamosaitis, cello
Julian Lampert, piano



Sunday December 14, 7pm
Classical and Jazz Flavored Holidays
Julian Lampert & friends

Sunday October 12, 7pm
Evening with Nobel Laureates:
1. Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle
2. Prof. Thomas Sudhof, MD

Sunday September 14, 3pm
Weber, Schumann, Brahms
Boris Shpitalnik, clarinet
Julian Lampert, piano

Sunday April 20, 3pm
Friends of Europe; an afternoon of Music and Dialogue.
Victor Raccat—President of the Intégrale Institute of Economics, Paris
Patrik Komorowski—Pianist and opera repetiteur, Stockholm
Prof. Bissy Roman—Italy

Sunday August 24, 3pm
Stefán Ragnar Höskuldsson, flutist
Principal Flute—MET Opera
Principal Flute—Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Sunday, October 19, 3pm
Science Presentation by Prof. Mark Kachanov, Tufts University

Sunday December 28, 3pm
Holiday Concert Gala featuring
Classical, Jazz, and Latin favorites


Sunday, April 21, 3pm
Julian Lampert, piano. Featuring classics of the 18th and 19th centuries, and Lampert's compositions.

Sunday, August 18, 3pm
Concert In Memoriam of Jerome Shestack—former UN Ambassador and President of the American Bar Association. 

Wednesday, November 13, 7pm
Jerry Bruno, bassist and Julian Lampert, piano; Old friends with Old classics

Sunday December 7, 3pm
Emmy award winning actress and singer Penny Fuller appears with pianist Julian Lampert


Sunday, April 15, 3pm
Friends of Jazz, with Julian Lampert, piano, and Dmitri Kolesnik, bass. 

Sunday, July 8, 3pm
Salon dedicated to painter Leroy Neiman—In Memoriam

Sunday, December 23, 3pm
Kopelman String Quartet


Jan 9, 2011—New Years’ Opening Concert
Julian Lampert, piano ▪ Dmitri Kolesnik, bass ▪ Boris Shpitalnik, clarinet
Paul Peress, percussion,

Jan. 23, 2011—Old Friends with Old Classics
Anat Malkin Almani, violin ▪ Julian Lampert, piano 

Feb 6, 2011—Classica, Jazzica, Latina
Clayton Bryant, vocalist ▪ Conal Fowkes, piano/bass ▪ Julian Lampert, piano 

Feb 19, 2011—Julian Lampert in Concert
At Underhills Crossing Restaurant—74.5 Pondfield Road, Bronxville, NY, 10708 ▪ (914) 337-1200
Feb 20, 2011—“200 years of Song”

Alexander Ruvinstein, piano ▪ Sara Fanucchi, mezzo-soprano 

Mar 20, 2011—Solo recital by Julian Lampert, piano.

 April 17, 2011—A program of 4-hand piano music
Julian Lampert, piano ▪ Alexander Ruvinstein, piano


300 Years of Music: From Baroque to Broadway

Mary Fishburne, soprano ▪ Julian Lampert, pianist ▪ Yoshi Waki, bass

Nov 3, 2010—The Kopelman String Quartet

Nov 14, 2010—Julian Lampert, piano 

Nov 21, 2010—Piano, from 2 to 4 Hands
Julian Lampert, piano ▪ Alexander Ruvinstein, piano 

Dec 12, 2010—From Russia with Jazz
Julian Lampert, piano ▪ Boris Shpitalnik, clarinet/saxophone
Dmitri Kolesnik, bass 

Dec 19, 2010—Winter Gala
Julian Lampert, piano ▪ Conal Fowkes, piano & bass
Alexander Ruvinstein, piano ▪ Dmitri Kolesnik, bass Rob Garcia, percussion
Barbara Rosene, vocalist ▪ Boris Shpitalnik, clarinet and saxophone 

We have added a professional recording space to our facilities. This season will be devoted primarily to the production of albums—please stay tuned for our latest releases. We will update this page periodically with announcements for upcoming concerts. Below is the schedule of our concerts from prior seasons. You can find our artists' websites by clicking on their names.