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Dr. Craig Buhler

Thursday, April 17, 2014
7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific—BBS Radio, Station One, found here.

Special Feature Presentation: Dr. Craig Buhler—pioneer of Sports Medicine, practitioner of the AMIT method.

Dr. Buhler has treated a host of distinguished athletes, including Olympic Legend Picabo Street and NBL All-star John Stockton.

Dr. Buhler received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1978 from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland Oregon. While attending Chiropractic College he had the opportunity to work and study with the late Dr. Alan Beardall during the development of what became known as Clinical Kinesiology.

After graduation Dr. Buhler completed a Post Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Utah school of Medicine in the physiology department focusing on the conditions of motor physiology.

Dr. Buhler served as the team sports chiropractor for the Utah Jazz Basketball for 25 years. In addition to being on the medical team of the Jazz he has a successful practice in Utah for 35 years. In June of 2002 he established the AMIT Clinic in Kaysville, Utah.

During his tenure with the Utah Jazz he was instrumental in creating the lowest "Player Missed Games due to Injury Rate" of any team in the NBA for 26 years. Establishing the effectiveness of the AMIT body of work.

This work has been validated at the elite level of athletics over the course of his 33 years career. He has treated world class and elite athletes as well as the general public who testify of his special ability to assist them in improved performance and wellness. Traveling with five patients to the 2010 Vancouver winter games, two of them won medals one Bronze and one Gold Medal.

Speaking nationally and internationally, Dr. Buhler patients travel from all over the world to experience the healing benefits of this transformational work. Please refer to seminars for more information about becoming an AMIT practitioner. Or AMIT Affiliate?

Dr. Buhler enjoys spending time with his six daughters, skiing and riding horses. His passion is assisting young athletes in reaching their full potential and finding their dreams come true.

One of several video presentations of Dr. Buhler can be found here.

Elli Ochowicz, Olympic Speed Skater

Elli Ochowicz, Olympic Speed Skater

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