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John Beasley; Grammy/Emmy nominated pianist, composer, conductor, arranger

John Beasley; master jazz artist with Grammy and Emmy nominations for his work as pianist, composer, arranger, and music director. Mr. Beasley has directed television productions for NBC, ABC, FOX and PBS—including: "Jazz The White House" (Emmy-nominated), "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit; 50 Years of Beautiful", and American Idol. For many years, Mr. Beasley has been involved with International Jazz Day—he is among its music directors for this year's gala celebration in Havana, Cuba. 
Mr. Beasley's extensive collaborations with several jazz legends, including Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, James Brown, Barbra Streisand and his work with the  Los Angeles Philharmonic and Monkestra—the dazzling jazz orchestra he founded—have all established him one of this century's most distinguished figures in music.