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Paul Dujardin; Artistic Director & CEO of BOZAR

Photo: Courtesy of La Libre—Brussels

Photo: Courtesy of La Libre—Brussels

Under the leadership of Paul Dujardin, BOZAR has continued to flourish in the 21st century as one of the world's premiere frontiers for The Arts—within Visual Arts, Music, and Cinema.  
Mr. Dujardin studied art history and archeology at the Free University of Brussels. Mr. Dujardin became Director General of BOZAR in 2002. In January 2014 he was appointed by the Belgian Federal Cabinet for a third term lasting until the end of 2019, on condition of the appointment of an operational and financial manager as his side kick. Since 2002 Mr. Dujardin has been the General Director and Artistic Director of the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels (BOZAR).

Director of the Philharmonic Society of Brussels (Société philharmonique de Bruxelles), also Co-Artistic Director and Director of Programming at the National Orchestra of Belgium (l’Orchestre national de Belgique)

Assistant to the Secretary General at JMI (the Fédération internationale des Jeunesses musicales)

Founder and Coordinator of Ars Music, a contemporary music festival; Later Administrator and Counselor

Musical Foundation dedicated to supporting young musicians
The Queen Elisabeth Foundation, which is dedicated to uniting Musical Foundations in a single     
      education initiative for advanced students
Festival Jubilate
The non-profit “ Cultuur en Democratie (a.s.b.l.)
Ictus Ensemble
The Youth Philharmonic (La Jeune Philharmonie)
The Trente Foundation (Fondation de Trente)
The non-profit “Mont des Arts (a.s.b.l.)

International Honors:

  • Mark of distinction awarded by the Algerian government (2015)
  • Named a “Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters” by the Republic of France (2015)
  • Named a “Commander of the Order of Merit” by the Republic of Congo (2015)
  • Awarded the “Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary ” (2014)
  • Awarded an honorary degree by his excellency the Polish Ambassador Mr. Slawomir Czarlewski in recognition of Mr. Dujardin’s efforts in the organization of the Year of Chopin in Belgium (2010)
  • Awarded an “Order of Merit” from the Republic of Germany (2010)
  • Awarded a “Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit” by the by his excellency the President of the Republic of Korea (2009)
  • Awarded a “Gilt Cross of Merit” for services rendered in the interest of the cultural life of Luxembourg

National Honors:

  • Honorary Doctorate, Université Libre de Bruxelles 52014)
  • “Officer of the Order of Léopold” (2014)
  • Knighted[4] by King Albert II of Belgium (2009)
  • Cultural Patrimony Prize “Belgian Building Awards” for work related to the renovation of the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) (2008)
  • First Prize – CERA Prize – Jeugd en Muziek Vlaanderen
  • Selected by the Vlaams Studie- en Documentatiecentrum voor vzw’s on the occasion of the election of “Non-profit Manager 1996”

International Mandates

Since 2016 :

  • Corresponding board Member of the Scientific Advisory Biard, Alpbach

Since 2015:

  • Ambassador of the “New Narrative,” a project of the European Parliament, and organizer of a Cultural Committee at the request of European Commission President, José Manuel Barrosso, in 2014 awarded a second mandate
  • President of the International Opera Academy
  • President of the Accademia delle Crete Senesi
  • Advisor to Train World
  • Ambassador to the Third Paradise, chosen by Michaelangelo Pistoletto in 2014, responsible for organizing the annual “Rebirth day” celebration

Since 2014:

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the European Festival Association

Since 2013:

  • President of the Executive Board of the International Music Council – UNESCO

Since 1996:

  • Secretary and Treasurer of the European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO)
  • Administrator/Advisor:

Honorary Committee of the A.G. Leventis Gallery The European Foundation Yehudi Menuhin Venzia Viva BEPA, Office of European Politics Advisors 2012 Member of the jury to select the new General Director of the Auditori Barcelona 2012 Member of the Advisory Board consulted for the “We are more” campaign by Culture Action Europe, Brussels 2011 Round table member, European Festival Leaders, Brussels 2010 Representative of the Centre for Fine Arts at ASEMUS – Asia-Europe Museum Network 2010 Representative of the Centre for Fine Arts at the International Society of Performing Arts (ISPA) and at the European Network for Ancient Music (Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne - R.E.M.A.)

National Mandates

Since 2009 :

  • President of the Board of Director of the Philharmonic Society of Brussels (Société philharmonique de Bruxelles)

Since 2008 :

  • Member of the Board of Directors of La Chapelle Musicale

Since 2008 :

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel
  • Administrator/Advisor:

Guberna, Institute for Administrators 2016, Arts and Humanities fellow at V.U.B., External Advisor Floralies 2013, External Advisor Voka 2012, Member of the Honorary Committee of Brafa - Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair 2011, Member of the jury for curatorial personnel at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels 2010, President of the Jury to select an architecture design for four new prisons 2010, Carta Moda, Brussels Biennial (2010), President of the Cultural Forum for the internationalization of Flemish Cultural Affairs, 2010, President of the Prix Caïus Brussels 2008, Grumiaux Foundation, Musiques Présentes, Spes Foundation, Fondation belge de la vocation, Erasmus Foundation, De Muziekraad voor Vlaanderen-UNESCO, The Friends of the Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music, the Cinémathèque of Belgium, the Film Museum, the neighborhood of the arts (le Quartier des Arts), Brussels summer festival (le Festival d’été de Bruxelles), the Jeugdorkest van Brussel, the Belgian Wagner Association, the Belgian Center for Comic Books (le Centre belge de la bande dessinée), the office of Young Belgian Painters (le Bureau de la Jeune peinture belge), the International Queen Elisabeth of Belgium Music Competition, the Warande, the Cercle Gaulois, Square A+ a.s.b.l. CIAUD-ICASD.