Music & Arts Workshops

Music & Arts Workshops

In working with children, young adults and parents, Lampert Arts strives to be a force of unity within the Community that it serves—particularly in light of the serious challenges in Education facing our society.
Our priority is to maximize the potential of every person who comes through our doors, regardless of background, skill, or age.  

Forming connections between numbers, words, sounds and images in a single class stimulates the brain to be active in different directions at the same time—an extraordinarily healthy activity, for any age.
— Elyena Lampert, co-founder

For over 25 years Lampert Arts has been offering students a fully integrated approach to artistic education. With its unique program combining music with movement and artistic expression, Lampert Arts is a creative playground that gives each child the freedom to learn, grow and create at their own individual level.

By exposing children and young adults to sounds, colors, words and images, we nurture their intellectual and creative development by engaging their minds and igniting imaginations.

In traditional schools, the elements of numbers, words, sounds and images are taught in separate classes—and this is vital to a young person’s development. At Lampert Arts, we explore all these elements within a single class.
— Julian Lampert, co-founder

Music and Art classes at Lampert Arts pairs music-making with with pictures, movement, speech and writing for a complete experience of artistic education and expression in each class that we teach.



Below are comments about our work by children and parents.

Michael Ruvenshteyn—age 10:

"This place is amazing. There are instruments that I personally think are just so wonderful. I am playing those instruments. I am also making up rhythms for each instrument and comparing and contrasting the sounds that they make. The flute, recorder, and the piano have very similar sounds in scale. The tambourine can make a lovely rhythm as well as the triangle. "

The Pictures
"This place also has some beautiful drawings and paintings. There are plenty of them and can be compared and constrasted in many different ways. You can also see the pictures in different ways by looking at them from a different place. The pictures in this place fantastic. "

Chris Rinderer—parent

  1. Yes—a lovely program which kept the children's attention, provided motivation and produced a great deal of enthusiasm.
  2. Yes—all the children seemed to enjoy both actively participating and listening to you and the other children—a nice balance.
  3. When we reached our car, Cait's first response was "that was great!" She not only talked about you—but the other kids and their talents as well.
  4. We were impressed by the way you handled the children—kept things lively and interesting—and how uninhibited and talented the children were.
  5. Sessions would be fine if they could be earlier.
  6. Yes, if you feel she is both contributing and "getting enough out of it"—sometimes we forget she is only 6—and don't want to rush her into things beyond her skills. She really loves the program—but we would still want to hear your views.

Chris Rinderer—parent

Seth Weinstein—age 15

  1. I enjoyed our work immensely. We did a wide variety of things, and they were extremely interesting. It was interesting to look at music from another point view.
  2. I liked the children in the workshop. They were all interested in music. They seemed to be interested in everything I was interested in.
  3. I liked the performances. I enjoyed listening to other people play. I was especially interested in the bagpipes.
  4. Drawing pictures of music was not as interesting for me, but I enjoyed some of the "funny" pictures.
  5. I didn't feel very tired after the workshop, because it was a relaxing activity.
  6. I didn't talk to my parents very much about the workshop, but I gave them a brief outline about our work. 

Cathryn Miles, parent

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Very enthusiastic but she preferred to internalize her experience and spoke about the class very little at home. This may be because I attended and would speak at great length.
  4. Stimulating, very positive, a creative approach to music. I believe your understanding of music exceeds your knowledge of visual art so that the visualization process was the least inspired process.
  5. Long enough-would prefer an earlier time of the day though.
  6. YES Please do continue!

Thank you so much for your time, interest, warmth, and inspiration. My child is fortunate  to have experienced your class. You are a special person.-Cathryn Miles

*4. Ryan completely disagrees with me, by the way (my last statement) I realize that I did not attend the last month of classes, so my opinion is regarding the early visual work. 

Lidija Paol—age 5

  1. Yes
  2. Yeah
  3. When I got to play the piano.
  4. Nothing
  5. Yes
  6. No—I don't think so.
  7. Yes.