Welcome to our world! Below are four video-glimpses from some of our activities as well as an article about our work:

News-12 TV features Miremonde Arts in an interview with Lena Miremonde. Also featured are Julian Lampert with Grammy-winner Conal Fowkes, and some of our students. 

Recorded live at the Miremonde Arts Concerts Series of New York. Mary Fishburne, soprano, Julian Lampert, piano, Yoshi Waki, bass. Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Seth Mintz (Mintz Productions)

Miremonde Arts co-founder Julian Lampert at the piano. "Funk Etude" 
Written & Performed by Julian Lampert-©2013. Registered with ASCAP.

Wordless Prayer. Gospel tune, written & performed by
Julian Lampert.©2013-all rights reserved. Registered with ASCAP.

The Bronxville-Eastchester Patch writes about us:

1. In 2013, here.
2. In 2011, here